We reinvented insurance
by not playing by the rulebook.

No fine print. Zero hassle. Lightspeed payout.

What has changedJoin the ride

Free from legacy, built on transparency.

We protect your bicycle so you can move faster, farther.

Cover exactly what you need

Get bicycle coverage for your regular ride outs. Need the extra protection for time races or while traveling? Just add it in.

Never pay a penny too much

What you pay every month is used to settle claims for you and your fellow cyclists. When there are no claims you pay £0, zilch, nada.

Fair claims at lightspeed

Fair assessment and super fast payout is what we live for. We go the extra mile and only pay ourselves when we deliver on this promise.

Choose your perfect cover and know you are protected.

Join our community and protect your bicycle together with cyclists like you. If you need additional covers for competitions or travel, just add them in and leave the rest to us.

Our terms are unlike anything you have experienced in the past. Simple wording, clear explanations and the best part: there are are no exclusions in our coverage.

Know what you pay for and never be overcharged again.

You pay at the end of each month for the claims by you and your fellow cyclists, plus a fixed amount for us to settle each claim.

This means what you pay might vary a bit month to month but that's only because we always give you the best price possible.

We make it easy for you when the worst happens.

From the first registration to making a claim, using Insure A Thing is effortless - no paper, no call centers. We understand things can get stressful and we want to make things right.

When you have a claim simply use your smartphone to tell us what happened. We look into your claim instantly and get it sorted to put you back in the saddle before you know it.

Join us on the ride and be the first to have better bicycle insurance this Summer

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